FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils (Pack of 3)

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FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils (Pack of 3)*This Product Ships Via USPS If your Order Contains Only Other Non-Vape Related Products*Original mesh c..

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FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils (Pack of 3)

*This Product Ships Via USPS If your Order Contains Only Other Non-Vape Related Products*

Original mesh coils are compatible with the FreeMax Mesh Pro Tank, FreeMax FireLuke Tank, and FreeMax FireLuke Pro Tank.  The Freemax Mesh Pro Coils offer a broad spectrum of atomizer cores, introducing the new Quad Mesh and Triple Mesh available with the Mesh Pro tank. The single and dual coils are fantastic, but the flavor on the triple and quad coils is absolutely fabulous. It comes in a pack of 3 coils. These Freemax replacement coils are the latest coils from Freemax and work perfectly with the mesh pro tank. One of the best things is these coils also work with previous tanks, such as the Freemax Fireluke and Fireluke pro sub ohm tanks.

Kanthal Single Mesh Coil:

  • 0.15ohm resistance
  • Rated for 40-70W

SS316L Single Mesh Coil:

  • 0.12ohm resistance
  • Rated for 400-550°F

Kanthal Double Mesh Coil:

  • 0.2ohm resistance
  • Rated for 60-90W

Kanthal Triple Mesh Coil:

  • 0.15ohm resistance 
  • Rated for 80-110W

Kanthal Quad Mesh Coil: 

  • 0.15ohm resistance
  • Rated for 80-120W

Dual Vertical Coil 0.15 ohm:

  • Dual vertical coil arrangement
  • Kanthal Wire
  • 60-120 watts

Dual Vertical Coil 0.25 ohm:

  • Dual vertical coil arrangement
  • Kanthal Wire
  • 50-100 watts

Sextuple Coil 0.15ohm:

  • Kanthal wire
  • organic Japanese cotton
  • 60w to 140w

Duodenary Coil 0.15ohm:

  • Kanthal wire
  • organic Japanese cotton
  • 8 coil arrangement
  • 80W to 180W

These coils are NOT compatible with the original FreeMax FireLuke Mesh tank. 

3x coils per pack. 

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Review: FreeMax Mesh Pro Quad Mesh Coils

By Micheal DeCato

Instagram: madecat_vapes

FreeMax Mesh Pro Quad Coils

  • Coil Material: Kanthal Quad Mesh
  • Resistance: 0.15ohm
  • Recommended Wattage Range: 80-120W
  • 8 wicking channels (as opposed to the 6 on the Triple and 4 on the Double)

If you haven't heard of the FreeMax Mesh Pro at this point, then you're probably new to vaping or you avoid any kind of vape related social media. FreeMax had probably one of the most aggressive social media marketing campaigns I have seen in a while for the Mesh Pro. It seemed like they sent their Not For Resale packages to everyone. Couple that with a fantastic product and you have one of the most widely recommended subohm tanks.

The Mesh Pro is a really good tank. I don't believe that's just personal preference and I think many of you will agree. If you want a more in-depth rundown of the Mesh Pro, you can view my review for it. Also, be sure to check out some other reviews to give you a more rounded perspective of the device.

When I initially reviewed the device, I received multiple types of coils to use: Single Mesh Kanthal, Single Mesh SS316L, Double Mesh Kanthal, and Triple Mesh Kanthal. While all of them performed exceptionally well, I am a really big fan of the Double and Triple Mesh Coils and, again, I think most of you will agree. So now FreeMax have decided to release a Quad Mesh coil (and maybe a Quintuple and Sextuple Mesh in the future!). So does the additiional coil make it that much better?

With the addition of a coil there are a few things that typically end up happening. First, it will tend to require more wattage for a better vape and can likely handle higher wattage. Second, you'll likely end up going through more juice due to the higher wattage. Third, you would expect some significant increase in flavor. These are concepts that are generally true yet mostly untrue with regards to the Mesh Pro Quad Mesh coil.

While the wattage range has increased a bit from the Triple Mesh, I found it to vape very well around the 85-90W range, which is about where I liked the Triple Mesh coil. While it states that it can handle more wattage, it didn't find this to be necessary. Also, and maybe because I kept the wattage at a lower range, I don't feel I ended up guzzling juice much more than with the Triple Mesh coil. Lastly, I was super excited to try out the Quad Mesh and was expecting a huge increase in flavor. This hasn't really been the case though. While the flavor is still really good, it's only slightly better than the Triple Mesh. Even when I bumped the wattage up higher, it didn't produce a significant increase in flavor.

It's not that the coils are bad, I think the Quad Mesh coils are actually really good, it's just they're not much better than the Triple Mesh coils. Longevity of the coil is still right in line with their other offerings. I've run over 80mL of overly sweet juice through 2 coils and they performed consistently throughout.

If you're wanting to try out the Quad Mesh Coils, I don't think you'll dislike them. Just don't expect them to add a whole new world of flavor above the Double and Triple Mesh coil options. Also, they tend to be slightly more expensive than the other coils, so that's something to consider.

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