The One Lemon 100ml Vape Juice

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The One Lemon Cake e-juice is the newest release from the Beard Vape Co. Combining all the flavors of a freshly baked lemon cake. The One Lemon e-juic..

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The One Lemon Cake e-juice is the newest release from the Beard Vape Co. Combining all the flavors of a freshly baked lemon cake. The One Lemon e-juice is a mouth-watering blend of deliciously moist yellow cake, blended with a tart aromatic lemon filling and dusted with sweet crumbles and powdered sugar. Once you try it, you'll know you've found The One!

Nicotine Option: 0mg, 3mg & 6mg

Size: 100ML Plastic Chubby Gorilla Bottle

VG/PG: 65/35

Made in the USA


Review: The One "Lemon"

By John Huskins

When I first found this juice posted, and being a fan of lemon, I instantly starting searching for reviews online to find more information about both the manufacturer and for this flavor. 

My searches came up short as I couldn’t find much info on the flavor but was successful in finding many great reviews about the manufacturer.  I had never ordered from EightVape before so both the vendor and the flavor would be new to me.  The website was laid out great and easy to navigate.  I was hesitant about ordering this flavor due to so many bad and chemically tasting lemon flavors that I had previously tried, but with the amazing price point and for the size I figured it was worth a shot to give it a try. 

From start to finish with the order process everything was flawless and checkout was fast and easy.  Along with the great pricing was the fast shipping.  I received an email stating my order had shipped shortly after placing it, so I was greatly pleased with the fast processing of my order.  Shipping prices were inline with other vendors I have ordered from but the shipping time seemed to be much quicker from vendor to my mailbox, probably due to the super fast processing times. 

Upon receiving my order and opening my package my first impression was really good when I opened the bottle and took a smell of the flavor profile.  I loaded a tank full and gave it a try and after the first hit I was so glad that I gave this flavor a chance, as it has become my ADV.  To me this has the perfect balance of lemon flavor, semi-sweet but not overpowering, just a slight tartness which balances the sweetness perfectly. 

Unlike a lot of flavors that I have tried that change flavor profiles on inhale and the exhale this flavor seems to keep the same flavors on both the inhale and exhale.  From the smoothness of the nicotine to the flavor percentages this line seems to be a top notch company in the juice game.  There are no hidden costs with having extra packaging with this juice just a bottle with a simple label showing the name and flavor profile, along with nicotine level and required warnings. 

This flavor could fall into several categories, for me it hits several flavor profiles.  First it falls into pastry as it is a lemon crumble.  Second it could fall into a fruits category with the satisfying lemon flavor profile.  And third it falls into a sweets/dessert with the balance on lemon and the hints of the crumble in the profile, so I can see this juice satisfying a wide variety of users with the complex yet simple flavors. 

I can not really find any complaints with this flavor but if I had to choose a complaint it wouldn’t be about the juice at all but about the bottle.  For me personally I am not a huge fan of the gorilla bottles, mainly due to the small orifice in the tip on the bottle.  It’s not a huge complaint just makes filling tanks a little slower, but with dripping these bottles seem to work great.  So overall even with a bottle I don’t care, for the amazing flavor overrides my small complaint.

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